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October, 2018
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News about cinema in English

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Should X Factor Bring Back Steve Jones?

News about cinema in English The first season of X Factor is almost complete, and yet, something still feels a little off about the show. It just hasn

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 21.12.2011 | Прочитано: 997 | Комментарии

Director Shiva is in cloud nine because of Ajith

News about cinema in English

AjithAjith after completing Billa 2 will be acting in a film to be directed by Vishnuvardhan. After Vishnuvardhan film, he will be acting in a film which is being produced by Vijaya Productions. Shiva who had directed Siruthai will be directing Ajith in this film. Shiva is very happy now because after the great success of Siruthai, he is going to direct the mass hero Ajith.

Cinema News From Tamilomovie.com

Shiva while speaking about this said," There is now a great expectation about this film which is having Ajith in the lead role because my earlier film Siruthai was a hit in the box office. Ajith called me on the phone one day and told me that he is going to act in a film to be produced by Vijaya Productions. So I went to meet him.

I was little reluctant to speak to him. But the way he moved with me I became very normal. I just told him the plot of the story. He was highly ...read more...

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 15.12.2011 | Прочитано: 2896 | Комментарии

20 things about Iniya

News about cinema in English


22nd January

Native place?

Cinema News From Tamilomovie.com



Pet name?

Meenu Kutty


The comfortable height where heroes can easily hug me (5.5 feet)

Happiest expectation?

Opportunity in Kamal’s sir film.

Secret of your slimness?


Sexy appeal?

I will be happy if you tell me

Murmuring song?

Maalayil Yaaro

Favourite bathing?

Diving and swimming when no one sees


One elderly sister and younger brother.

Your suffering?

When acting in the role in the film Vaagai Sooda Vaa

Favourite heroines and heroes?

Jyothika, Simran and Nayanthara. I like all the heroes.


Not for time being. When it is there I will announce it.

Regular snacks?

Banana chips and chocolates


B BA (First year)


I want to fly by chopper

What is necessary for acting?

Whatever they expect from me I will give it to them in the form of acting.

Favourite color?

Yellow and light blue

The things you don’t like?

Shouting and getting angry

Lucky chance?

Pairing with Ameer in Bharathiraja’s film

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 30.11.2011 | Прочитано: 995 | Комментарии

Can Indian cinema go global?

News about cinema in English

Take, for example, Iranian filmmakers like Majid Majidi, Mohsen Makhmalbaf or Abbas Kiarostami, who have a fine tradition of making cinema that finds a resonance all over the world.

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema News | Дата: 22.11.2011 | Прочитано: 1050 | Комментарии

Bharathiraja says that why he has not joined hands with Ilayaraja

News about cinema in English

Bharathiraja Bharathiraja is directing a film titled Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum. This film has director Amir and Iniya in the lead roles. This film has also Radha’s daughter Karthika in the cast. When asked Bharathiraja why he has not joined hands with music composer Ilayaraja in this film, he said, "I don’t know how many times, I have to answer this question.

Cinema News From Tamilomovie.com

Have I ever mentioned that I will join hands with him in this film? At one point of time we worked together. After this, other experiences were required. So I changed to Rahman, Deva and G V Prakash. Each time I got a new experience. Another thing is that only Ilayaraja and I only should speak about this. Why should media speak about it? As far as the audience is concerned, they are expecting that they will get good songs if we both join hands.

Only because of this, this question is being raised now and then. The reason for this is the ...read more...

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 18.11.2011 | Прочитано: 1020 | Комментарии

Billa 2’s villain

News about cinema in English

Vidyut JammwalBilla 2 is a film which has Ajith and Parvathy Omnakuttan in the lead roles. Chakri Toleti is directing this film. Yuvan Shankar Raja is composing the music for this film. The second schedule of shooting of this film has also been completed.

Cinema News from TamiloMovie.Com 

Click here for Short Tamil Film

The third schedule of shooting is to commence soon. The shooting is to take place in Georgia situated in European countries. Till date, there was no information about the villain of this film. Now it has been disclosed that a Bollywood actor Vidyut Jammwal has been signed ...read more...

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 14.11.2011 | Прочитано: 965 | Комментарии

Would Guns N' Roses Reunite For Hall Of Fame Ceremony?

News about cinema in English I would love to see Guns N

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 14.11.2011 | Прочитано: 820 | Комментарии

Terrorist Threat Made Because Best Buy Ran Out Of Modern Warfare 3 Copies

News about cinema in English So this is what gaming has come down to: people getting so mad they threaten to blow up the place and kill all its employees because they can't buy a game. That

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 13.11.2011 | Прочитано: 943 | Комментарии

Joss Whedon Filmed A Secret Shakespeare Movie?

News about cinema in English With a really great cast...

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 24.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1056 | Комментарии

Bollywood Exiled by Asia's High Borrowing Costs

News about cinema in English

Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan performs during 2011 International Indian Film Academy awards at the Roger Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema News | Дата: 24.10.2011 | Прочитано: 879 | Комментарии

Arbaaz wishes wife Malaika on birthday

News about cinema in English

New Delhi, Oct 23: Actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan wished his wife Malaika Arora Khan good health and success as she celebrated her 38th birthday Sunday.

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema News | Дата: 23.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1026 | Комментарии

Vishal in an action thriller film

News about cinema in English

vishalSamaran is a film which has Vishal, Trisha and Prakash Raj in the cast. Thiru who directed the film Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai is directing this film. Richard M Nathan is directing this film.

Cinema News from TamiloMovie.Com 

Yuvan Shankar Raja is composing the music for the lyrics penned by Na Muthukumar. S Ramakrishnan who is the dialogist for this film said, " Samaran means a war warrior. Vishal is donning the role of a guide who guides people who go for trekking in the forests.

Vishal has changed his style and getup for this film. The shooting of this film is commencing in Chalakuddi from 28th of this month. Vishal who lives in this forest all of a sudden gets an opportunity to go to China. What are the problems he encounters there and how he comes out of it is narrated in an action with thrill in this film."

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 12.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1053 | Комментарии

The Ghazal King, Jagjit Singh passed away

News about cinema in English

The Ghazal King, Jagjit Singh passed away on Monday, 10th October. He was hospitalized for almost three weeks suffering from a brain haemorrhage.

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema News | Дата: 11.10.2011 | Прочитано: 936 | Комментарии

Church Buys Entire South Dakota Town For Unexplained Reasons

News about cinema in English The Iglesia ni Cristo Church has purchased Scenic, boarded up buildings and all, for nearly $800,000. What they plan to do with it is a mystery to everyone including the seller. Rodeo legend Twila Merrill acquired the town bit by bit starting in the early 1960s, but with her health failing, she decided to put it on the market and was wooed by the strange bidder. Neither she nor her family have any idea what the church plans to do with the property

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 09.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1060 | Комментарии

Los Angeles Hopes To Build Its Own Large-Scale Film Museum In The Next Three Years

News about cinema in English Why hasn't this happened yet?

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 06.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1026 | Комментарии

Would Television Without The Simpsons Feel Wrong?

News about cinema in English If The Simpsons were to go off the air next year, the program would still remain a part of the pop culture. Like Seinfeld

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 05.10.2011 | Прочитано: 1053 | Комментарии

Trisha wants to act like Rani Mukerjee

News about cinema in English

TrishaTrisha has paired with Venkatesh in the film Body Guard. This film is the remake of the Tamil film Kaavalan. Now she has been signed to pair with Vishal in a Tamil film titled Samaran.

Click here for TamilO.Com

Cinema News from TamiloMovie.Com

This is the first time she is pairing with Vishal. Apart from these Trisha will be acting in some more films. Talks are going on with regard to this.

Trisha while speaking said, " I want to do the role which Rani Mukerjee in the Hindi film Black. I also want to don the powerful vamp role like Ramya Krishna did in Padaiyappa. I have the confidence that I can act in such kind of roles."

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 29.09.2011 | Прочитано: 960 | Комментарии

King Of Fighters XIII Slightly Delayed For Extra Polish

News about cinema in English Throughout this generation of gaming we've been hearing, or rather reading, a lot about delays. The common factor for all these delays? "Polish". Yes, even games that don't have a $100 million dollar budget still get delayed so the developers can tack on some extra shine, and the same goes for the HD 2D fighter, King of Fighters XIII.

Подробнее | Разместил: Cinema Blend Feeds | Дата: 28.09.2011 | Прочитано: 1006 | Комментарии

Sona says that she will withdraw her case against S P Charan if he publicly apologizes

News about cinema in English

SonaCompromise talks are going on between actress Sona and S P Charan. Sona is being advised to withdraw her case which she filed against S P Charan. But now there is impediment in these talks because S P Charan has mentioned some charges against Sona in his anticipatory bail application.

Click here for Today's Special News and Events at TamilO.Com

Cinema News from TamiloMovie.Com

He has mentioned that," Sona tried to seduce me. She has incurred heavy losses in cinema and is now debtor. She has planned to blackmail me and get money keeping in her mind about my family background. Since I had warned her, she has given me a false complaint."

Because of this Sona was aggravated. She said that she will not withdraw her police complaint until S P Charan apologizes publically. Sona while speaking about this said, "S P Charan try to molest me in the presence of other in a cocktail party. Everybody who was present has seen this. ...read more...

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 21.09.2011 | Прочитано: 1091 | Комментарии

Simbhu says that he saw Mankatha standing up

News about cinema in English

Simbu and MankathaActor Simbhu is an ardent fan of Ajith. He himself has mentioned this many times. Simbhu has the habit of watching Ajith films on the first day itself that too in the theatres along with the audience. Similarly he wanted to see the movie Mankatha. 

Click here to watch Daily Tamil Comedy Vedio

The shooting of Osthi is taking place for the last few days in Mysore. He requested director Dharani that he wanted to see Mankatha on the first day itself in Chennai. Dharani has also permitted him. So Simbhu flew immediately to Chennai and watched the film along with the audience at Sathyam Theatre.

After the show was over, he wanted to see the film for second time but he could not get tickets. Because of this he saw the whole film once again standing in a corner.

Simbhu while speaking about this said, "I was waiting for the release of Mankatha. I use to get news updates about Mankatha from my ...read more...

Подробнее | Разместил: tamilomovie.com | Дата: 03.09.2011 | Прочитано: 1016 | Комментарии
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