Margot Robbie’s Barbie gets sexually harassed in new trailer

In Barbie world, yesterday, today, tomorrow, “and every day from now until forever” is the best day ever. The faux sun rises and falls over a pink plastic dreamland, and Barbie (Margot Robbie) and her friends enjoy dance parties and floating gracefully off roofs. But there comes a time when one must know the truth about the universe. No, really, Barbie has to know the truth about the universe. Kate McKinnon’s messed-up Barbie doesn’t give her much of a choice in the trailer for the new film, which debuts July 21.

« Barbie Girl » will not be in Barbie movie

Problem is, the truth of the universe is a lot less easily digestible than the perfectly orderly Barbie world. In the real world, Barbie gets slapped on the ass by a leering skater. In the real world, Ken (Ryan Gosling) engages with casual misogyny, believing he can perform an appendectomy just because he’s a man and dismissing the female doctor who tells him otherwise. (Doesn’t Ken live in a matriarchal society? Does Ken get red pilled in this movie?!) In the real world, Barbie is confronted with complicated philosophical concepts: “Humans only have one ending. Ideas live forever,” she’s told.

“If this got out, it could mean extremely weird things for our world,” Will Ferrell’s manic Mattel CEO says in the trailer. That might be a good summation of the Barbie movie phenomenon as a whole!

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