The First Word Podcast – June Trailer Week Recap, feat. Anton Volkov

The First Word Podcast – June Trailer Week Recap, feat. Anton Volkov

by Alex Billington
June 15, 2018

The First Word Podcast

We love movie trailers! This latest episode of our The First Word podcast is a special discussion recapping the epic week of trailers (from June 4th – 8th). Over those five days during that week, Hollywood debuted more than 20 new trailers for big movies throughout 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Our guest this time is Anton Volkov, the trailer expert behind the website and Twitter known as TrailerTrack. This recap was Anton’s idea and we dive into a discussion about all the trailers. Friends Alex Billington (@firstshowing) and Mike Eisenberg (@Eisentower30) team up to bring you a film podcast providing in-depth discussion, analysis, and interviews about the latest movies, and some old ones too. For this chat we geek out about trailers and everything we’re excited about coming up from Hollywood. Tune in below to our latest episode.

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Our guest: Anton Volkov (@antovolk) – find his work on TrailerTrack / @trailertrack

Our topic: Movie trailers! Watch all of them here.

The logo for The First Word was designed by the very talented Eileen Steinbach – follow her @SG_Posters and see more of her work on her website here. She is the best.

Any & all feedback, compliments, additional discussion, corrections, theories, any more questions for us, or any other thoughts about life can be sent directly to us on Twitter. You can contact us directly by emailing to thefirstword[at]firstshowing.net. We would love to hear from you! Thank you for listening to our podcast.

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