32 Hilarious Steve Martin Quotes From ’80s And ’90s Movies

Some of the best Steve Martin movies came out in the 1980s and 1990s. After he became known for being “just a wild and crazy guy” in popular standup sets, played major roles in a number of great Saturday Night Live sketches while hosting and starred in his first hit movie with 1979’s The Jerk, the next two decades of Martin’s career was full of hilarious comedies where the actor had memorable moments we’re still quoting 30-some years later. 

Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, buns scene

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“I am removing the superfluous buns… George Banks is saying no!!” – Father Of The Bride (1991) 

We never looked at hot dog buns the same again after this scene. While in the midst of an onslaught of checks Father Of The Bride’s George Banks has to write for his daughter’s wedding. The dad reaches his breaking point while at the grocery store which has him taking hot dog buns out of the packaging and ranting about the “superfluous buns” to store clerks. His episode lands him in jail as his daughter gets ready to say “I do.” 

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