Jamie Lee Curtis Cries While Comparing Disneyland To The Bear During My Haunted Mansion Interview, And What A Beautiful Moment

Boy oh boy, Jamie Lee Curtis is having one hell of a year. And at 64 years of age, she just may be entering her prime as an actor. She received her first Oscar in March, stars in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, which comes to theaters on Friday, and delivered a jaw-dropping, arguably career-best performance as Carmen’s mother in The Bear Season 2. The hype surrounding her stint as Donna Berzatto has been so real that it’s only fitting that she brought up the show in our interview for Haunted Mansion –  and she got rather emotional while drawing parallels between the themes of the show and the Disneyland experience.

Given that Haunted Mansion is based on an iconic ride at Disney parks, talk of the park-going experience was inevitable. What I didn’t expect was her passion surrounding the subject, and the way it relates to one of her favorite moments from The Bear. Said the legendary scream queen,

The scene (from The Bear) about service. The scene where Richie is training in the restaurant, and the man who’s training him explains the point of what service means. And he talks about polishing the fork. If that adds to the experience for the person who has saved up their money to come to that restaurant, to have that culinary experience… That guy was saying, ‘I’m a part of that. And that makes me feel like I matter.’ And it makes me cry. And that’s what Disneyland is. People are committed to creating the experience. So that family from Ohio, whose father’s a steel worker who’s come out to California and paid that money to bring his kids to Disneyland, that those kids, when they’re driving away, say ‘that was the greatest day of my life.’

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